Candy Props

Outdoor Valentine’s Day Lollipops

What you’ll need

  • Two full-size serving or mixing bowls
  • E-6000 craft glue
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Cellophane wrap
  • Twist ties
  • Clear Tape
  • Ribbon
  • 3/4 or one-inch PVC pipe
  • Pipe cutter or small saw
  • White spray paint


To make each lollipop, you’ll need 2 bowls.  The Dollar Store is the perfect place to pick up some of your supplies.  I wanted to make 3 lollipops and purchased 6 large red serving bowls, red cellophane basket bags (cellophane wrap will work, as well),  tape, and 6″ thick mesh rolls of ribbon.   Get creative and use different colors.  Any plastic bowl with a lip to place the glue on will work.

Best of all,  I left having only spent around $12.00!

The sticks are made from a one-inch PVC pipe that I purchased at Lowes and cut into three equal lengths.  (Each stick comes in 10 feet sections)  Dollar Store long broom handles are another option.  The E600 craft glue, glue gun, glues sticks, and spray paint can be easily purchased at any craft, hardware, or online store.

Why the two different glue steps?

The E6000 will create a permanent bond between the two plastic materials.  It’s waterproof (perfect for an outdoor display) and will ensure your lollipop stick will stay put.  It has a full curing period of 72 hours to reach full bond, so in order to keep the stick in place, using the glue gun will keep the PVC pipe upright until the E6000 craft glue has fully set.

Set aside until completely dry, before adding the cellophane & bow decorations


Next Steps

Where Can I use them?

Use these lollipop props in an outdoor Valentine’s display (they’re waterproof!) along with the fun sweet treats below!  The buttons will take you to other tutorials on this site where you can learn to make even more candy props

Pool Noodle Swirly Pops

Cupcake Prop

For Special Occasions

  • Candyland Themed Party
  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Party
  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • Baby Shower
  • Carnival Theme
  • Holidays
  • Classrooms
  • Baby or Children’s rooms
  • Halloween Costume Prop

I originally made this Love Sign back in 2017, for my wedding.  Using a single piece of 4×8′ plywood, I traced out the letters using a pencil and a straight edge.  The curve of the letter O came from outlining the edge of a large bowl.  One of my co-workers was kind enough to cut out the letters for me at his home shop. (Thank You, Greg!)  I spray-painted them ivory and put them out on the deck for the reception.

For this Valentine’s Day project, I spray-painted over the ivory with pink and added the candy props to complete the display.

Note to self: trying to find pink spraypaint in February is almost impossible.  I went to 3 hardware stores before I found one last solitary can.  It wasn’t the soft petal pink I envisioned, but it happened to match the lollipop bows perfectly.  So as far as anyone knows, I did it on purpose!


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