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Danelia Design is a floor-to-ceiling, house-to-garden, DIY, and holiday website  You’ll experience all things home-related and leave having learned something new with every visit.

A house is four walls and a ceiling that encloses your space. But a home is so much more.  Your home is the place you feel most comfortable and it’s a place to let your hair down and be yourself.  We all want a place to call home, we all want security and comfort.  We want a home to invite our friends in to share our world.  We want that world to be a reflection of who we are.  Danelia Design takes all aspects of your house to make it an even more special place to call Home.

How To Design A Beautiful Mother’s Day Bouquet Using Grocery Store Flowers

How to design and arrange a beautiful floral display using grocery store bouquets. Tips and tricks to save you professional florists prices

What It Takes To Call Yourself A Glamper

Roughing it doesn’t have to be rough. Design your campsite with luxury & style. Spend time in the great outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of home.

How To Make Pool Noodle Lollipops

How to make these cute pool noodle lollipops for around $5.00 each! Perfect for a Gingerbread display or for a kid’s party. Skill level: Easy and fun!

The Best Peach Pepper Jam Recipe

What can you do with a lot of peaches? Make Peach Pepper Jam! And there are a dozen ways you can use this amazing spicy hot jam for so many meals ideas.

South Carolina Architecture From A California Girl’s Perspective

Southern architecture in South Carolina is a live museum of history and with an eye for detail, it’s a designer’s dream. A visit to Charleston, Columbia, & the Coast.

Design A Space Of Your Own To Bring More Joy To Your Life

Design a special place of your own to find your joy. Somewhere to think, relax, read, or meditate. And who doesn’t need more joy in their life?

Easy Easter Entertaining

Throwing an Easter brunch? Simple and easy Easter entertaining ideas for the perfect Sunday holiday get-together. From the table setting to the easter egg hunt and everything in between.

Cozy Comforts Of Home

How to make your home cozy and inviting just in time for all your holiday guests. Simple design ideas and changes for a comfortable winter season.

How To Throw A Fang-Tastic Halloween Party

Everything you need to throw a spooktakular Halloween party. From food and drinks to music and games. Throw an unforgettable bash your friends will be talking about for years!

DIY Inflatable Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Learn to make these simple and inexpensive oversized DIY Christmas ornaments for your holiday yard display. Fun and festive for the holiday season!

How To Plant And Grow Zucchini

How to grow zucchini plants and what to do with your abundant harvest.

Outdoor Entertaining

How to entertain like a pro and make the most of the warm weather by serving your meals outdoors

Outdoor Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine’s Sweets for your Sweet! This blog walks you step-by-step for creating a fun sugar-filled display of love.

4th Of July In South Carolina – Hilton Head Island Style

Spending the 4th of July in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. Almost endless firework shows, fresh seafood, & swimming in the warm Atlantic ocean

Homemade Fermented Hot Sauce

How to make your own healthy fermented hot sauce for the best hot wings around! Another recipe for the abundance of peppers in your garden.

Where Do We Put The TV?

Where to place the TV in a world of outdated floor plans and older homes that never imagined that a TV would take the front and center role in your household

The Easiest Way To Start Seeds Indoors

How to start your vegetable garden from seeds. Plant early in your warm house to get a jump start on the gardening season using rare and heirloom varieties.

DIY Halloween Fire & Witches Cauldron

How to make a realistic witch display with a teepee, cauldron, and fake fire made from a can of expansion foam and spray paint. Creepy Halloween Decorations to impress your neighbors!

Is Hiring A Designer Worth It?

Should you hire a home designer? The pros (and very little cons) to why it make sense and why you should spend the money.

The Top 10 Things Every Mancave Has To Have

Does your guy need space of his own? Here are the top 10 things every Man Cave needs before they start to invite the guys over

How To Choose The Best Light Fixtures For Your Space

Choosing the right lighting for the right room can be challenging at best. How to break down the process and make your home look great!

How To Organize Your Spices

How to make some organized sense out of your spice cabinet and find what you need the very first time you look

How to German Schmear a Brick Fireplace

How to use the German Schmear technique to completely change the look of your fireplace. Step by step process and the full material list

Organize Your Kids’ Room And How To Get Them To Want To Help

Organizational tips and ideas to get your kids room spit-spot! Learn simple tactics to teach your children life long habits for organizing and cleaning.

6 Evergreen Shrubs For A Beautiful Yard All Year Long

Keep your yard green and lush all year long by adding evergreen shrubs to your landscape. Choose ones that bloom with spring flowers to add even more eye catching beauty to your yard.

Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Home Design

Simple and inexpensive ideas to keep your home design updated and current with the ever changing trends. And you don’t need to be an interior designer for any one of them!

Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

10 things to do if you’re staying home on New Year’s Eve that will still make for a memorable night

How To Upcycle An Old Bookcase

Upcycling a worn out piece of furniture can be so satisfying. Bringing new life into an old forgotten bookcase

Games for Halloween: Candy Corn Ring Toss

Simple and budget friendly, these DIY candy corn safety cones can be used for ring toss or as Halloween decorations. And you can find everything you need at your local dollar store!

DIY Giant Outdoor Gingerbread Display

Perfect for Christmas or a Candyland themed party! Using Insulated foam board, you can create any shape and prop that your imagination can drum up. No power tools needed!

Danelia Design is…

…In the home

What makes you feel good?  What feels comfortable and reflects your personality? What colors, textures, or fabrics draw you in? Design isn’t always about what’s trending.  Design is a feeling.  If you, your family, and your friends feel good in your home, you’ve done it right.  If you need a little help,  you’ll be guided through ideas, projects, and advice that I’ve used throughout my career working with designers, architects, and homebuilders.

…In the Garden

A window box of Spring tulips.  A garden bed exploding with colorful vegetables.  A simple clay pot of inpatients at your doorstep. The space outside your house is an extension of your home.  Whether you have a small patio or acres of land, you can make it a reflection of your one-of-a-kind personality. My goal is to show you how to create a beautiful yard and bring the outside in, every season, with whatever you have to work with.

…In the kitchen

Garden fresh recipes from organic fruits and vegetable.  From canning to juicing, from salads to desserts, the world that can be grown in rich soil, started from seed, and harvested with love.  Anyone can start a garden, learn to cultivate, and proudly share the bounty with friends by enjoying a homegrown meal together.  

Where to start?

When the choices become overwhelming for design (and they do!), start with one piece of furniture or art, narrow down a style or color, and start with one room.  The gazillion paint colors to choose from can be overwhelming and it’s not long before choice paralysis sets in. But help is just around the corner.

Hiring a designer may not always make financial sense, but thanks to the internet, we all have access to every possible design style and it’s only a click away! Using sites like Pinterest, Better Homes & Gardens, Home Depot’s Blog, and of course Danelia Design, will give you the inspiration you need and help narrow down your options.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so use google search for images that will help you move towards your designing goals.

Quick & easy DIY Projects

I am a big fan of any project that can be finished in a weekend.  Here are a few to get you started, easy to complete, and that won’t break the bank!

Pallet Tiki Bar

German Schmear

Photo Gallery Wall

dollar store solar lights with mason jars

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Create Your Own Style

Luckily, there are no Design Police stalking your neighborhood. Use any design style as a jumping-off point.  Your home doesn’t have to look like something out of a BH&G magazine spread.  Perfection, although pretty, isn’t how most of us live. Living in a home that brings you joy and that is filled with love is the most important design element you can have!

Latest blogs

My hope is that there are tidbits of “Oh I never thought of that!” or “So, that’s how it’s done!” moments with the blogs I share.  Throughout the Danelia Design website you’ll be shown things I’ve learned along the way, and some things that we’ll learn together.  Always with my vision of the place Where a House becomes a HOME

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