Spring Vibes

Freshen up your home as the cold temperatures fade into our memories and the bright and cheerful weather takes its place.

Let the Sunshine and Fresh Air Inside!

Simple Things To Do

  • Clean and open the windows & blinds
  • Swap out your bedding for lighter fabrics
  • Burn fresh, fruity, and clean scented candles
  • Dust & vacuum carpet & rugs or have them steam-cleaned
  • Add a vase of fresh flowers (Yes! You Can Design A Professional Bouquet Yourself!)
  • White is a crisp clean color palette for beds & baths
  • Hang a gallery wall of various mirrors to reflect the natural sunlight throughout your room
  • Declutter & Donate (clean out those closets & cupboards and give away what you no longer need)
  • Use bright and cheerful pastel color accents – pillows, cotton throws, tablecloths or runners, dishware, or statement accent pieces
  • Spritz your home with citrus essential oils or misters
  • Buy a new doormat
  • Plant annuals & summer bulbs now for the best blooms all summer
  • Repot indoor plants
  • Clean off patios & decks & refresh any worn cushions

Home & Living

White is always the perfect go-to for a fresh and crisp environment.  Giving your space a clean palette for an ideal start to the season.

Custom Bouquets

Spring is such a great time to bring in beautiful tulips, iris, or daffodils.  Making your own arrangements can be as easy as a trip to the grocery store.  (Trader Joe’s always has great prices on seasonal flowers)

Fresh Air

Open up your windows and let that fresh air and sunshine in!  The smell of spring can’t be beat after a long cooped up and stuffy winter.   Quality air flow and good lighting in your home are the basics of good feng shui to invigorate your soul.

Fun Spring Ideas

Get Crafty

Grab your glue gun and make yourself a cup of herbal tea while you watch these Christopher Hiedeman DIY videos below:

Final Thoughts

Bringing Springtime vibes into your house is more than just for the sake of home decor.  It’s more than just because the seasons are changing.   It’s more than just a cheerful look.

Spring is about the restorative push that Mother Nature is giving you after a season of cold and sheltering indoors.  It’s about listening to the birds chirping, the feel of the sun on your skin, and including yourself in nature’s rebirth.

This is your moment to follow nature’s direction with a crisp clean beginning and a cheerful easy breezy vibe to align your spirit and brighten your mood. Begin your home and garden adventure with anything that makes you happy and brings you joy.   Have fun and love where you live!


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